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Ritual of Offering to the Deities of Water

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Kalmyks in Russia

In Russia most Kalmyks are located in the Republic of Kalmykia and the adjacent Astrakhan region (click here to see map). A small group of Kalmyks, consisting of those who stayed in Siberia and did not return to Kalmykia following the Stalinist exile (1943-56), are also known to live in various places in Siberia. Work migration, a recent phenomenon, also resulted in a considerable number of Kalmyks migrating to Russian cities, Moscow and St Petersburg being the most popular destinations. The majority of these work migrants, however, have permanent residency in Kalmykia.

On this page the cultural heritage of the Kalmyks in Russia is documented in seven main collections, namely Kinship, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Material Culture, Pastoral Economy, Religion, Traditional Medicine, and Military Culture. Each collection consists of sub-collections that have been thematically divided into minor collections that host the actual video footage. The two menus and the breadcrumb trails underneath the secondary menu will help you to navigate through the collections. Alternatively, you can also use the List of Collections button at the top right-hand corner of the web page to reach the video collection you require.