Milk Products

Yorm (double cream), tosn (butter), aarg (sour cream), eezgya (cheese), and targ (fermented milk drink) are the most popular dairy products. Collectively they are also referred to as tsagan idyan (white products). As milk and the white colour both signify prosperity, luck, and auspiciousness, daily products are widely used in various rituals.

For dzhomba (Kalmyk tea), chigyan and targ (fermented milk drinks) see Beverages.

Alena Lidzhieva, About Milk

After milking milk should be poured into a bucket and then covered with a lid, because it is forbidden to expose milk to the night sky (i.e. expose what is white to what is black). After dark it is also forbidden to give milk away. The same applies to any food: after sunset it is forbidden to take food out of the house.