As hair is considered to be part of a person's essence, it is forbidden to step over it when it has been cut. It is also prohibited to wash one's hair in the evening or have one's hair cut on inauspicious days. Traditionally, the first haircut occurs when a child reaches three, although today it is performed at a year old. The ritual of the first haircut, called unhn us hyachlhn or dyak avlhn, is initiated by the child's maternal relative who cuts off the first lock. During the first haircut the handles of the scissors have to be bound with a red thread, which symbolizes the perpetuation of the vital power of the child's first hair. Boys are supposed to be left with five locks: one on either side of the head, one on the crown, one on the forehead, and one at the back of the head. The hair is subsequently cut according to gender-, age-, and status-specific styles.

Boba Kokueva, About Hairstyles and Hats


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