Secular Celebrations

Festival of Tulips, 2015

By celebrating the blooming of tulips, the Festival aims to unite ecology with the unique cultural heritage of the Kalmyks. The Festival in this video was shot in the steppes of Priyutnenskiy rayon in April 2015. A stage for performances and an area for traditional sports, including archery, were set up inside an ethnic camp consisting of yurts and tents. The entertainment programme included songs and dances performed by both ensembles and individuals of all ages and genders from all parts of the Republic of Kalmykia. Apart from traditional songs, Russian patriotic songs about World War II and modern music received loud applause from the audience. Kalmyk musicians showed their prowess not only by playing on traditional musical instruments but also on the Saratov accordion. The Festival hosted a fair where the guests and participants could taste Kalmyk cuisine, buy items of traditional crafts, hone their archery skills, ride horses, and take pictures in national costumes.


Jangar Festival, 2009