Oral Histories

Oral histories are stories about events that have taken place in the recent past or are still in the process of unfolding. Stories about pre-Soviet nomadic lifestyle, the demolition of Buddhist temples in the 1930s, the deportation of the Kalmyks in 1943, the subsequent return of the Kalmyks from exile, life in post-exile period, are few examples. To this can be added stories about places, famous people, notable objects, encounters with ghosts and spirits, adventures, and many others.

Aleksey Dzhalaev, About a Livestock Thief Named Bukshan Savk


Alexei Naranov, About a Temple, the Bagud Clan, and Lagan’


Garya Naminov, Ghost Stories


Maria Dordzhieva, About Snakes with Horns


Maria Mukhlaeva, About Bok Tukha


Mergen Ulanov, Vasiliy Khomutnikov’s Expedition to Tibet


Mikhail Erentsenov, About Some Manuscripts


Purvya Volod'kina, About Spiritual Masters of Places