This collection hosts videos of art exhibitions and interviews with Kalmyk and Russian artists who talk about their work, lives and modern Kalmyk art.

Aleksandr Koshevoi, Artworks

Aleksandr displays three pieces of art that he produced. The first piece is an engraving of a camel and a nomad that he calls 'Loyalty to the steppe. The Iki Chonos or the Big Wolves'. According to him, the Iki Chonos clan lived in the territory of the villages of Krasnomikhailovskoe and Matrosovo in Yashaltinsky rayon. The wolf is the totem of this clan. This work is richly embellished with various objects – including a bell, the tamga (stamp) of the Iki-Chos clan, the moon, a depiction of hills in the steppe, a tokug (an ornament used in women's hair) etc. – that represent, according to Aleksandr, the essence of human beings.

The second piece is called 'A tale about the past'. It consists of the following parts: the traditional musical instrument dombra, a spear, a trident and four arrows (representing the Union of four Oirats). In the background are Kalmyk warriors and the Daichin Tengri who is the protector of all Kalmyk warriors. All these objects pertain to the past of the Kalmyks. The dombra can be seen as an instrument 'telling' about this past.

The third work of art is called 'The dragon'. The dragon is a symbol of power. This work has been given to the famous Kalmyk kickboxer Batu Khasikov as a present.

In total, Aleksandr has produced more than 200 works of art.


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