The ethnonym Khoshud is believed to have derived from the word khoshun 'tip of a weapon, beak, front part' and is related to the function of the vanguard units in the army of Chingis Khan. Today the Khoshud is the least populous among the four sub-ethnic groups in Kalmykia. They live in compact groups in the villages of Sarpa, Shorv, Altn Bulg, Shorvin Kets, Khosheudy, Altsyn-Khuta, and Kivz. A small number also lives in the village of Zunda-Tolga. The Khoshud consists of the following clans or lineages: Argud, Badgud, Dashakhin, Zaisang, Ketkermud, Kavshakhin, Karvdzhakhin, Luzung, Mongol, Merchikhin, Melshakhin, Maaga, Sagsag, Savgarmud, Khasgud, Khoshut, Kharakhin, Chonakhin, Sharad, Sharkakhin, Evyakin and Dermyakin.

Outside Kalmykia, small groups of Khoshud also live in China and Mongolia. On this page you can watch videos about the Khoshud, their constituent clans, lineages, legends, and much more.

Boris Boktaev, Praise to the Khoshud

Once at a meeting of the Khoshuds, a man, whose name is still unknown, read a short praise to the Khoshud, as follows:

With their genealogy coming from Chingis Khan

With their magnificent epos of Jangar

With their great teacher Zaya Pandit

With their countless healers

This great clan is called the Khoshud

This praise has since become famous. In his book entitled The Great Migration, Russian historian Vladimir Kolesnik writes that this person was a cousin of Chingiz Orge on his paternal side.


Sanj Khoyt, Where the Khoshuds Live


Sanj Khoyt, The History of the Khoshuds